Window Cracks? 4 Steps To Stop Your Window Glass From Shattering After Your Kids Accidentally Hit It With A Cricket Ball

Cricket balls are hard and heavy, so if they end up hitting your window, chances are it will develop cracks. This guide will help you stop your window glass from shattering until you can get a professional to replace or repair the whole pane.   Clear Up Glass Debris To Prevent Your Kids From Getting Injured Even if the glass pane from your window hasn't shattered yet, there's always a risk that it will, especially if large cracks have developed from a hard cricket ball. Read More 

Benefits of Choosing Glass Splashbacks for Your Kitchen

Splashbacks are essential additions to any kitchen. They serve to prevent any splashes and spillages to your kitchen walls when cooking. This helps prevent the integrity and aesthetic appeal of your kitchen wall by preventing stains. However, there are multiple types of kitchen splashbacks so you should be keen on which one you choose. One thing that will help you narrow down your options is the type of material. Kitchen splashbacks are manufactured in materials such as tile and glass. Read More 

Securing a broken glass window in a storm

If you find that you have a broken window in a storm, you will need to secure it until the storm is over and you can get an emergency glass repairer out to fix it. Here are some tips to help you secure your broken window until the glass repairer can arrive . Secure cracks with tape Light window damage includes cracking from debris hitting the window. It can be a good idea to use masking tape or duct tape to lay on the backside of the window against the crack to provide some reinforcement so that the window is less likely to shatter under high winds. Read More 

When Can You Order a Glass Splashback for Your New Kitchen?

Once you've designed your new kitchen, you may be keen to get things installed and sorted out as soon as possible. The kitchen design and build process may not, however, work all at once, and you may have gaps between jobs before your kitchen is done. For example, the last piece of the kitchen puzzle may well be the glass splashback that you want to run on the wall above your kitchen's cabinets. Read More 

Choosing Between Frameless and Semi-Frameless Shower Screens

Shower screens are often an excellent addition to any bathroom. However, this depends on the type of shower screens you wish to invest in. With a variety of options from which to choose, you may face some challenges narrowing down your choices. While fully framed shower screens are common, many homeowners are moving towards semi-frameless and frameless shower screens. So, which between the two is the most suitable? Read on to find out more information to help you make a decision. Read More