Answering Some Commonly Asked Questions About Residential Glass Repair

When a window of your home has broken, even if it's a small chip or crack, you don't want to wait to have it fixed. This is for your own safety, as a chipped or cracked window may be easier for an intruder to break in order to gain entry to your home, and will also keep the home insulated and free of water leaks and other potential damage. Note a few questions you might have about residential glass repair so you know what to discuss with a contractor when you call to have this work done.

If one pane of a dual pane window breaks, can just that one be repaired?

Dual pane or double glazed windows aren't just two separate pieces of glass that sit side by side; they are often attached to each other with a type of spacer bar in the window frame. When one breaks, both panes may then need to be replaced, along with that bar that holds them together.

Why is the inside of a glass pane foggy?

If you notice that the inside area of a window is foggy, this typically means that there is a crack along the seal of a dual pane or double glazed window, and the argon gas or air that was between those panes has leaked. This allows in condensation, moisture, dust, and other contaminants that will make the glass look foggy. You should never put off having this fixed, as a crack can mean allowing in water that can leak into the building materials of the home and lead to mould and mildew growth. Also, don't assume you can or should just have that fog cleaned out, as this is only a temporary fix. Replacing the window is the best way to repair such a crack, and protect your home from damage.

What is tempered glass?

Tempered glass is made by heating glass to a very high heat and then quickly cooling it. This makes the glass very dense and very strong; tempered glass is usually used for shower doors or pool fencing, or for any area where you need to have strong glass that won't shatter. If your home's windows are consistently suffering breaks, chips, cracks, and other damage, you may want to talk to your repairperson about tempered glass. The glass is still perfectly clear and not frosted or clouded, and can be a good solution to having to consistently repair or replace your home's windows.