Window Cracks? 4 Steps To Stop Your Window Glass From Shattering After Your Kids Accidentally Hit It With A Cricket Ball

Cricket balls are hard and heavy, so if they end up hitting your window, chances are it will develop cracks. This guide will help you stop your window glass from shattering until you can get a professional to replace or repair the whole pane.  

Clear Up Glass Debris To Prevent Your Kids From Getting Injured

Even if the glass pane from your window hasn't shattered yet, there's always a risk that it will, especially if large cracks have developed from a hard cricket ball. Start by instantly cleaning up around the window with a vacuum and broom to remove any sharp pieces. Cordon off the area until you're done cleaning so that your kids don't get injured in the process.

Apply Glass-Friendly Glue To The Cracks

You should ideally apply glass-friendly glue to the cracks to prevent them from opening up because of pressure from external elements. Applying this layer of glue will ensure that the cracks remain intact to prevent the pane from shattering completely. Wait for the glue to dry completely to ensure that the cracks hold firmly. You can use your finger to spread the glue evenly over the glass cracks, but make sure you wear rubber gloves to prevent any cuts. Any stationary or home improvement store will likely stock this type of glue designed to hold glass together.

Add Masking Tape To Cracks On Your Glass Window

The problem with cracks developing on window panes is that elements like wind and rain can pressurise and shatter them completely, so you must find a way to fortify the glass until you can get a repair professional to replace it. Strong masking tape is recommended because it adheres well and holds the glass together better than other types of tape. Masking tape is available at any paint or retail store for your task.

Cover The Window With Bubble Wrap To Contain Any Potential Glass Shatter

While your efforts to prevent window glass from shattering are impressive already, you'll ideally want to do everything in your power to eliminate all potential risks. The best way to do this is to cover the entire window frame with bubble wrap to ensure that the glass shards are contained in the unlikely event of your window shattering even after the first few steps. Make sure the bubble wrap is larger than the length and breadth of the window frame for the best results.

You can use this crack protection technique on other fractured glass items like splashbacks and sliding doors to protect your kids from injuries.

For more information and assistance with repairing windows, contact professional glass companies.