Reasons to Install a Frameless Shower in Your Bathroom

Even though frameless shower screens may cost more than fully framed ones, they provide unique attributes because of their minimal frames. Read on to discover reasons to install frameless screens in your bathroom.

Open Airy Feel

These screens feature large expanses of glass, held in place with small and robust hardware elements. The bare glass makes a bathroom feel more airy and open, as the room isn't filled with an overbearing, bulky shower. Conversely, fully framed screens separate the enclosure from the rest of the room, which seems smaller as a result.

Highlights Beautiful Tiles

You may have covered the bathroom walls and floor, including the shower area, with beautiful ivory travertine or decorative ceramic tiles. The problem with bulky metal frames is that they tend to divert attention from such beautiful features. Frameless screens, though, don't block the view, so you can appreciate the design elements rather than functional metal components ruining the view.


Frameless glass showers are safe. While other types of glass may shatter into pointy bits, this won't happen with frameless shower screens. They use toughened glass, which undergoes a tempering process whereby the panels are rapidly heated and cooled. This technique makes them much stronger than standard float glass in windows. In the rare event that the screens break, they crumble into round cubes unlikely to inflict trauma.


You can also construct variously sized and shaped showers using frameless screens, which can be pieced together in different ways. You could use the panels to create a square shower in the room's corner. Alternatively, build a wall to wall shower in a long narrow bathroom. In a small bathroom, you could make a diamond-shaped enclosure. For the ultimate minimal look, opt for a fixed frameless screen in the corner. This set-up will create a wet room effect. The shower will then be easier to use for those with disability issues without a door.

Glass Options

As well as customising these showers with respect to their size and shape, you can also use diverse decorative glass types in frameless structures. For example, you could install low-iron screens that don't emit standard transparent glass's faint green tinge. You could alternatively opt for frosted or patterned glass. Frosted screens can be evenly cloudy, or they can show designs. Patterned glass is three dimensional, as shapes are moulded into the panels during manufacture. Decorative glass makes the shower more private while adding beautiful effects.

Contact a local glass company to learn more about frameless shower screens.