How to Really Take Advantage of an Ocean View

If you're in the process of building the house of your dreams, you may have finally found a plot of land next to the ocean. There is something very "otherworldly" about the ocean waves as they crash on the beach in front, and you're looking forward to many years of enjoyment in such a natural and typically Australian setting. However, you need to make the most out of your seaside plot from each of your forward-facing rooms on the top floor, even where safety may also be a consideration. Read More 

Why Have a Shower Screen Instead of a Shower Curtain

Shower curtains certainly have their own advantages; the fabric of a nice curtain can add softness and texture to a bathroom, and curtains can also add colour and style to an otherwise drab space. However, there are many reasons to consider a glass shower screen instead of a curtain, either around an open shower space or around a tub. Note why a shower screen can be a good idea instead of a curtain, and how to dress up a screen so that your home's bathroom isn't dull and bland. Read More 

Answering Some Commonly Asked Questions About Residential Glass Repair

When a window of your home has broken, even if it's a small chip or crack, you don't want to wait to have it fixed. This is for your own safety, as a chipped or cracked window may be easier for an intruder to break in order to gain entry to your home, and will also keep the home insulated and free of water leaks and other potential damage. Note a few questions you might have about residential glass repair so you know what to discuss with a contractor when you call to have this work done. Read More 

Window Cracks? 4 Steps To Stop Your Window Glass From Shattering After Your Kids Accidentally Hit It With A Cricket Ball

Cricket balls are hard and heavy, so if they end up hitting your window, chances are it will develop cracks. This guide will help you stop your window glass from shattering until you can get a professional to replace or repair the whole pane.   Clear Up Glass Debris To Prevent Your Kids From Getting Injured Even if the glass pane from your window hasn't shattered yet, there's always a risk that it will, especially if large cracks have developed from a hard cricket ball. Read More 

Benefits of Choosing Glass Splashbacks for Your Kitchen

Splashbacks are essential additions to any kitchen. They serve to prevent any splashes and spillages to your kitchen walls when cooking. This helps prevent the integrity and aesthetic appeal of your kitchen wall by preventing stains. However, there are multiple types of kitchen splashbacks so you should be keen on which one you choose. One thing that will help you narrow down your options is the type of material. Kitchen splashbacks are manufactured in materials such as tile and glass. Read More