Does Your Window Glass Need Repairs? 3 Signs That Can Guide You

Whenever your glass window is damaged, you should think about repairs first before considering a replacement. Besides, repairs are always less costly than replacements though the cost depends on the magnitude of the problem. Generally, a window glass repair company will assess the situation first to determine whether the glass is repairable or not. Most people contact a glass repair professional when glass is broken, but they don't know other issues that need the attention of a repair expert. Here are other signs your glass needs to be repaired.

1. Water Tends to Seep Through the Windows Whenever It Rains

If you have noticed water seeping into your home through the windows, you should have it looked at by an expert. Although there are other possible causes for this problem, such as a damaged frame, it is also likely related to your window glass. For example, the issue might be due to a loose glass frame or that the glass is chipped in places you cannot see. These can happen due to impact from objects or weather damage. Fortunately, the glass is repairable with adhesive injection kits.

2. There Is Fogginess on Your Windows

While it is normal for your windows to get foggy as the internal and external temperatures differ, you should observe how often it happens. Generally, the fogginess is supposed to fade with time. But if it keeps recurring, you should not turn a blind eye to it.

In most cases, it means there is a gap somewhere on your window, causing air to condense. However, the glass could also get foggy if the glazing is not right. Fortunately, your window glass repair expert can repair this issue through a defogging spray or by sealing the gaps in the window.

3. The Glass Is Cracked

This is perhaps the most obvious sign your window glass needs attention. Yet, some people still ignore it because they are afraid they do not have enough money to replace the entire window. However, leaving a chipped window like that could lead to issues of water damage. Fortunately, it is possible to repair and restore the cracked window by applying the epoxy. However, you should never attempt to do it yourself as you risk damaging the glass further. The application process is usually quick. However, the glass needs ample time to cure.

As you can see, it is possible to repair some glass window problems without replacing the entire window. So if ever you have a glass problem at home, you should contact a professional window glass repair company to inspect and give the final verdict.