When Can You Order a Glass Splashback for Your New Kitchen?

Once you've designed your new kitchen, you may be keen to get things installed and sorted out as soon as possible. The kitchen design and build process may not, however, work all at once, and you may have gaps between jobs before your kitchen is done.

For example, the last piece of the kitchen puzzle may well be the glass splashback that you want to run on the wall above your kitchen's cabinets. You may know what kind of splashback you want, and you may want to order it early. However, you may be wise to wait to order it until your kitchen is completed. Why?

The Last Piece of Your Kitchen Jigsaw

Building a kitchen can be kind of like doing a jigsaw puzzle—you need pull all the pieces together and put them in the right places at the right time to create the room of your dreams. While your splashback may seem like a small deal—just a piece of nice glass that is stuck to your wall to highlight the area above your cabinets—this is something that is easy to get wrong.

Typically, if you're having a splashback custom made to fit your kitchen, your splashback company will prefer to measure and fit the splashback after the majority of your kitchen build is finished. This ensures that the splashback is cut to the right size and can fit into the design of your kitchen.

For example, the company may want you to get all your cabinets and worktops installed and finished before it measures how much glass you need. This ensures that the splashback exactly fits the space above your cabinets.

A Piece That Goes with Your Electrical Needs

The company may also ask that you get all your electrical needs sorted out before the splashback is measured and cut, especially if there will be power outlets in the splashback area. Your glass will need to be cut to fit around outlets, and if you change your mind about the position or number of power points after you've placed your splashback order, the glass may not have enough spaces for power points or may have spaces that you no longer want to have.

Bear in mind that you can start planning your splashback and working out how it will look earlier in the kitchen-design process than when you order it. The splashback company you use will usually be happy to talk to you in general terms so that you can get them in to measure up as soon as your kitchen is done. You'll still have to wait for the splashback to be ordered, cut and installed, but at least you can be confident that it will fit.