4 Reasons It’s Vital to Invest In Window Glass Replacement

One of the best decisions you can make in your home is to replace your windows. Unknowingly, most homeowners overlook window replacement when renovating their homes. The truth is that you increase your comfort level at home when you replace your glass windows with some new ones. The noise that constantly bothers you when you are trying to read your favourite book could be a thing of the past. Even if your windows are not the first thing you think of when planning a renovation project, you can get many benefits by investing in window glass replacement. Read More 

Four Central Guidelines for Preparing for Glass Replacement

If you have a broken window, you should plan for glass repair or replacement. In general, repair is more favourable because it is the cheapest and easiest option. If the crack or hole in the windowpane is extensive, you should consult a specialist to assess and possibly repair your window. However, if the damage to the glass is extensive, you will need to plan for replacement. Here are some basic guidelines to help you prepare for the installation of new glass. Read More 

The Factors That Determine How Quickly Your Windows Can Be Repaired

Repairing windows isn't always a 'one size fits all' solution, and oftentimes there are a lot of minor differences that require special attention. If you have noticed a scratch or if you accidentally caused an outright break in your window, then you are no doubt curious how long it will take to fix. Being a glazier is a busy profession and repairing windows takes up a large chunk of time in most of their schedules. Read More 

How Windscreen Technology Helps Keep You Safe

Have you ever stopped to wonder why your car windscreen does not simply explode when you encounter an errant rock on a motorway? After all, if somebody were to throw a rock like this with force against one of your windows back home, the result would be rather dramatic. In short, the difference is down to lamination, or a process that helps to ensure that your windscreen remains largely intact in this type of situation. Read More 

Toughened And Laminated Glass Doors Within Your Home

Glass is a beautiful, sleek material that features in many places in the homeā€”one popular destination is within doors. To ensure safety, building codes specify which varieties can be used. Two common types are toughened and laminated glass.  Toughened Glass Toughened glass is about five times stronger than ordinary glass. When it breaks, it crumbles into many small, rounded chunks that are less likely to cause injury than sharp, pointy shards. Read More