Securing a broken glass window in a storm

If you find that you have a broken window in a storm, you will need to secure it until the storm is over and you can get an emergency glass repairer out to fix it. Here are some tips to help you secure your broken window until the glass repairer can arrive .

Secure cracks with tape

Light window damage includes cracking from debris hitting the window. It can be a good idea to use masking tape or duct tape to lay on the backside of the window against the crack to provide some reinforcement so that the window is less likely to shatter under high winds. Be sure to check all the windows in the house if you hear a loud thud, as this can be an indication there has been an impact. 

Securing the damage

If a window is smashed, the easiest way to secure it in the mean time is to place a barrier on the inside of the home. The most effective option, if the storm is still going, is to head into the room with protective boots and nail some planks of light wood such as plywood against the back of the window to keep any more rain or glass shards from entering the house. 

If you don't have easy access to plywood, an alternative is to use a sheet of heavy plastic such as a tarpaulin and secure the edges of the sheet with strong tape. This is more likely to come off in strong winds, so is a better option once the storm has passed.  This can also be pierced by any remaining glass shards, so you need to tap out any broken edges of the window. Wear protective eye wear and gloves when doing this task to prevent injury from glass particles.

Clean up the damage

Windows that are broken in a heavy storm can spray glass over a surprising distance, so clean up the entire room including the floors and bench tops. You can also ask the emergency glass repair firm to bring an industrial vacuum which can draw out any glass shards that are caught in the floor or in crevices around the room. 

Securing a broken window until a glass repairer can replace the pane is important as it helps to keep your home safe from the elements as well as intruders. It can be a good idea to keep supplies for securing window damage in an easy-to-access point of your home, in case you need them quickly.