Possibilities for a Glass Shower

If you're renovating your bathroom, you need to think carefully about what kind of shower you want to install. The enclosure will affect both the aesthetics of your bathroom and your bathing experience. The following are several possibilities.

Open Spacious Feel

If your priority is to create a spacious, open feel in your bathroom so that it appears larger, you might be better off with a frameless shower. These enclosures consist of smooth glass panels held together with unobtrusive brackets and clamps. The enclosure, as a result, will be largely invisible, and it won't visually separate the shower from the open floor space. So the entire room will seem bigger. A semi-frameless shower also opens up the room. These structures have metal edging along the enclosure's perimeter, but not around each screen. A fully framed shower draws attention to the hardware itself and breaks up the bathroom so that it won't feel as spacious.


Your choices when designing the shower will also affect how private it feels. Transparent glass panels don't provide any cover while showering. If you fancy more seclusion, you could connect frosted glass, which obscures the view into the area. You can choose between varying transparency levels and frosting designs. Decorative etchings can be delicate and traditional or feature modern linear designs. You can also install screens with even uniform frosting without any pattern. Some panels display frosting across some parts of the screens, while other parts are transparent, providing both privacy and light flow.

Door Styles

Other vital decisions centre around what door style you connect to the shower. An outward swinging door requires free floor space in front. So your bathroom will need to be spacious enough to accommodate this movement. Other options include a pivot door that can swing both inwards and outwards. A sliding door is ideal for a small bathroom as it won't require extra floor space to open. Swinging doors, however, usually provide a wider entryway into the shower, improving access.

Thus, you need to make several crucial decisions when installing glass shower screens. You'll need to determine the framing style, which will affect how invisible the enclosure is and how spacious your bathroom feels as a result. As well, and you need to factor in whether you want privacy, in which case you could install frosted screens. The door you install is determined mainly by the bathroom layout and how much floor space is available.

To learn more, contact a shower screen service.