Four Central Guidelines for Preparing for Glass Replacement

If you have a broken window, you should plan for glass repair or replacement. In general, repair is more favourable because it is the cheapest and easiest option. If the crack or hole in the windowpane is extensive, you should consult a specialist to assess and possibly repair your window. However, if the damage to the glass is extensive, you will need to plan for replacement. Here are some basic guidelines to help you prepare for the installation of new glass.

Inspect and Remove Shards

You should inspect the condition of the broken glass before removing the shards from the window. This will help you determine the best approach for carrying out the task safely. For instance, if the pane has cracks but there are no loose pieces, you can simply remove the window from the frame. Then, you can dislodge the pieces on a flat surface using a tool like a hammer. If there are missing pieces and the glass is unstable, you should wear safety gloves and take out the pieces manually.

Soften and Scrape the Putty

When the damaged glass is removed, you should plan on eliminating the putty which was holding the glass in place. The best approach will depend on the condition of the putty. In some cases, old putty will crumble under impact. Therefore, you can remove it using a scraper or knife. However, chipping will not work if the material is stable and firm. If this is the case, consider acquiring a heat gun and using it to soften the putty for easy removal.

Clean the Window Frame

The residues on the frame will affect the ease of installing the replacement glass. Therefore, it is important for you to clean the surfaces after removing the glass and the putty. Ideally, you should use a wire brush first to remove stubborn remains of the putty. Then, you can vacuum the particles and even use an appropriate brushing attachment. However, you can also use a cloth. Simply, wet the fabric until it is slightly damp and wipe the window frame.

Purchase Replacement Glass

Finally, you should acquire the right replacement glass panes for your window. The right material should be resilient and resistant to shattering. Moreover, it should have some visual appeal in terms of clarity and its compatibility with other windows. Where possible, you should opt for tempered or laminated glass for more resistance against breakage. If you are uncertain about the right glass for your needs, consult your glass replacement contractor.