Answering Some Commonly Asked Questions About Residential Glass Repair

When a window of your home has broken, even if it's a small chip or crack, you don't want to wait to have it fixed. This is for your own safety, as a chipped or cracked window may be easier for an intruder to break in order to gain entry to your home, and will also keep the home insulated and free of water leaks and other potential damage. Note a few questions you might have about residential glass repair so you know what to discuss with a contractor when you call to have this work done. Read More 

Window Cracks? 4 Steps To Stop Your Window Glass From Shattering After Your Kids Accidentally Hit It With A Cricket Ball

Cricket balls are hard and heavy, so if they end up hitting your window, chances are it will develop cracks. This guide will help you stop your window glass from shattering until you can get a professional to replace or repair the whole pane.   Clear Up Glass Debris To Prevent Your Kids From Getting Injured Even if the glass pane from your window hasn't shattered yet, there's always a risk that it will, especially if large cracks have developed from a hard cricket ball. Read More