Are You Considering Coloured Glass Splashbacks? Read This First!

Glass splashbacks remain a sought-after supply for a good number of Aussie homes. The glass is hygienic, making it perfect for all the food stains that your walls and oven tops will acquire over time. Furthermore, they are easy to clean, making them handy even for the most chore-averse homeowner. But plain glass can be simplistic. If you are keen about adding some visual interest to your kitchen, you may be considering coloured glass splashbacks. While this may seem as easy as just picking a colour and having the glass painted, this is not entirely correct. Read on for the things you need to know if you are considering coloured glass splashbacks.

Not all glass will represent the colour correctly

One of the first things that you need to know is that the type of glass that you choose for your splashbacks is what will influence the appearance of the colour you choose. The reason behind this is that all types of glass have iron content. The higher the amount of iron, the more tinted the appearance of the colour will be, while the less iron there is in your glass, the less tinting there will be. Therefore, low-iron glass, while more expensive than the regular glass, should be your choice when you decide to have coloured glass splashbacks custom-made for your kitchen.

Not all colours should be solid

Another misassumption that you may have about coloured glass splashbacks is that the only option available to you is solid colours. Although there is nothing wrong with choosing solid colours for your glass splashbacks, if you want visual interest then you should consider other finishes that will make your splashbacks pop. For instance, if you have a modernist kitchen, metallic glass splashbacks will add a contemporary accent to your space. On the other hand, if fabrics are the texture in your kitchen, then a silk finish will add a subtle, soft touch to the space.

Not all paints can be used on the glass

Some individuals may think that creating glass splashbacks should be a DIY project so that they can save on their kitchen remodel. This will be a massive mistake. Going into a hardware store and purchasing some glass and paint is unlikely to achieve your desired results, since not all kinds of paint can work on the glass. Once the right paint is selected, professional glaziers will also employ specialised primers to prep the surface and ensure the coloured splashbacks remain pristine for a long time. Lastly, once the splashbacks are painted, they cure in a specialised oven before they can be sold and used in your kitchen.

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