Why Specify Aluminium Frames?

There are plenty of different options when it comes to making a frame for your glazing. Both windows and glazed doorways are often made from materials such as PVC or wood, for instance. In fact, many modern architectural practices frequently recommend aluminium as a framing material for new build homes and office blocks these days. 

You might think that aluminium doors and windows are, therefore, very up to date. However, aluminium windows were being used back in the 1920s when the material revolutionised window making in the Western world. You can see the material in famous structures such as the Empire State Building in New York, for example. Why might you specify aluminium for your windows frames today? 

Extra Security

One of the big plus points with aluminium frames is that they are extremely durable. This means that you get an additional level of security if your home or business premises have metal window frames. Unlike other options, it is very hard to use a crowbar against an aluminium frame in order to lever it away from its mounting. Even if you leave a locked window partially open in order to allow air to flow through, then it is very hard for someone outside to force an aluminium frame apart.


Aluminium looks great. This is one of the main reasons that people choose it in the first place. The silvery appearance of aluminium means that you do not need to coat it to make it into an attractive material for a frame. That said, aluminium is also easy to powder coat if you want an alternative finish. Most aluminium window manufacturers will allow you to choose any finish you like from a standard RAL palette.


You need very little maintenance with aluminium doors or window frames. They don't rust, and the most you need to do is to simply wipe them over with a damp cloth once in a while to remove any dirt that might have built up on them. You can expect aluminium door frames and windows to last a lifetime.

Low Heat Transference

Some people are put off by a metal frame for their windows because of the issue of heat transference. This could mean, for example, that the inside of your home gets hot when the sun is shining outside due to thermal conductivity. These days, window frames that are fashioned from extruded aluminium tend to have thermal breaks added inside which prevents this problem in a highly effective manner.