Why Have a Shower Screen Instead of a Shower Curtain

Shower curtains certainly have their own advantages; the fabric of a nice curtain can add softness and texture to a bathroom, and curtains can also add colour and style to an otherwise drab space. However, there are many reasons to consider a glass shower screen instead of a curtain, either around an open shower space or around a tub. Note why a shower screen can be a good idea instead of a curtain, and how to dress up a screen so that your home's bathroom isn't dull and bland.


Shower screens can usually be outfitted with hooks and towel bars, so you have a place to hang towels, a robe, a shower brush, and whatever else you need to store in the bathroom. This can mean using up less storage space in the linen closet. You'll also have your towel and robe handy while showering, and have a convenient place to hang them so they can dry after use without having to nail separate hooks into the wall.

Size of shower

If you have a shower enclosure that is very large, the size of curtain you need to fit that space can be very overwhelming. If the shower enclosure is rounded, a curtain may then seem to jut out into the room and look a bit awkward.

You might also want to build an oddly shaped shower enclosure in your home's bathroom; this might mean one that is long and narrow, or even in an L-shape, with separate showerheads. Whatever the case, curtains can be a difficult fit, but a shower screen can be cut to just about any dimension, so it offers the enclosure you need without looking overwhelming or out of proportion.


While a shower curtain can offer some colour and fabric, don't discount how good a shower screen can make your bathroom look. Clear glass around a shower enclosure can allow the tile to be seen fully and make a small bathroom look open. Oversized hinges, handles, and towel bars can add a metallic element that dresses up plain white tile.

Your shower screen can even become a centrepiece itself, if you choose etched glass in a nice design; popular options are lilies, raindrops, a waterfall, a crane, or bamboo shoots. For a modern home, choose a cityscape, or you might prefer a landscape for something more natural. This can make your shower screen even more attractive than any plain shower curtain you might otherwise choose.