Choosing Between Frameless and Semi-Frameless Shower Screens

Shower screens are often an excellent addition to any bathroom. However, this depends on the type of shower screens you wish to invest in. With a variety of options from which to choose, you may face some challenges narrowing down your choices. While fully framed shower screens are common, many homeowners are moving towards semi-frameless and frameless shower screens. So, which between the two is the most suitable? Read on to find out more information to help you make a decision.


Frameless shower screens lack frames. Therefore, to compensate for the sturdiness that the framing offers, these shower screens are made with a thicker glass. This makes them more expensive. In addition, to hold up frameless shower screens, toughened fixings and specialised fixing mechanisms are required. This may add up to the costs of these shower screens.

Aesthetic Appeal

If you want a clean and seamless look in your bathroom, frameless shower screens are the better choice. They have relatively fewer parts. Besides, they lack the bulkiness of the seals or framing that is typical of semi-frameless shower screens.

Ease of Cleaning and Installation

Frameless shower screens offer faster and simpler cleaning. However, with semi-frameless shower screens, more cleaning is required because of the framing and seals. The extra parts of semi-frameless shower screens may result in complicated installation. Frameless shower screens are easy to install.

Functionality and Performance

The seals and framing around semi-frameless shower screens actually enhance the functionality of these types of shower screens. The framing and seals, especially on your shower doors, can help bind the doors with the flooring and wall of your shower to prevent leaks. Since frameless shower screens have nothing around their edges, they may allow water to leak through. Therefore, if you must use frameless shower screens, consider requesting for custom-made units that will suit your bathroom perfectly. However, this will increase your upfront costs.

Risk of Mould Formation

With reference to mould formation, frameless shower screens have an edge over their semi-frameless counterparts. Water can build up in the seals or framing of semi-frameless shower screens. This will increase the risks of mildew or mould formation. The presence of mould and mildew means you will have to do more in terms of maintaining the screens. Frameless shower screens eliminate the need for all these.

From these pros and cons, you can make a decision on what to choose. However, to get the most returns on your shower screen investment, you have to maintain them properly.